Pioneers of the global cumbia scene, since 2003 they’ve made a name for themselves in their home of Mendoza, Argentina and around the world. The duo is Color Kit (Christian del Negro) and Catar_sys (Federico Rodríguez, who left this Earth in Nov 2010), both on voice and beat making. They released their first album La Manita de Fauna (ZZK Records, 2008), pure jungle cumbia with lyrics that transcended the message, mixing playfulness and consciousness, a portrait of life on the foot of the Andes.

Constantly evolving, the message continues with Manshines, an album that was ready for editing when Catar_sys stepped off this Earth, after an unforgettable South American tour through Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela and Brasil together with Villa Diamante.

Mixed and produced by Andrés Oddone and Frikstailers, this new album widens the sound´s horizons - more beats, more powerful cumbia, dubstep and kudoro rhythms. Daleduro and El Remolón are our two special guests laying down the beats so that the boys from Fauna can spit their advanced lyrics, because in this album there is a lot more to be said.