La Manita de Fauna


With this hybrid sound dubbed "digital cumbia" gaining speed, the two producers and MCs from Mendoza are releasing 11 songs that tap into Reggae music, Cumbia, Reggaeton, Cumbia Villera (gangster cumbia) and Baile Funk, combined with electronic rhythms such as IDM, Jungle, and Breakbeat. This crossbreed also includes some flowing Ragga lyrics inspired by meditation practiced at the foot of a Cuyan hill, a motionless journey at the edge of a ditch, and the thoughts concocted – usually with a group of friends – in the mental shortcuts that can be found at the edge of a mountain range.

"This record is deeply soaked with the spirit they face life with, humor, absence of prejudices, lots of irony and, at the same time, room for lucid and even mystical thoughts". (Nim, Zizek resident chosen to master "La Manita...", June 2008).