La Manita de Fauna Remixes


After a long wait, the Fauna remix contest has ended and now we bring you 10 new remixes.

With over forty entries, the ZZK Crew had the tough task of choosing just ten. Fauna (Color_Kit and Catar_sys) Chancha Via Circuito, El Remolón, Villa Diamante, El G, Nim and DJ Uter each chose their favorites to create La Manita de Fauna Remixes, an album with 10 tracks that can be downloaded for free from ZZK Records.

Thanks to all who participated in the remix contest and the artists who are featured on the album: Black Mandingo, Disque DJ , Un Mono Azul, Adrián Giordano, Zurita, Lagartijeando, Brujjas, Searchl1te, Senorina and Roche. We recommend that you check out the links of each artist - there´s plenty of new music going around to inspire you to keep listening.