Essentially, the music of the Frikstailers is all energy. 220 volts of pure dance energy. Both smart and shockingly fun, it is a project manned by the multi-rhythmic and sampling madmen Rafa Caivano (aka Ralf aka DJ Rafa Caivano) and Lisandro Sona (aka Sandro Lee, aka DJ Sandro de America).

This duo strives to make music without geographic or genre limitations. In their multilayered compositions they blend elements and icons from the collective pop unconsciousness, who are then dismembered into mutant sounds, which all morph into something totally different and new. All this mutating and splicing achieve a whole other aesthetic that is completely different than the original track.

The finished product is multifaceted and can change at the drop of a hat, combining dancehall, hip hop, baile funk, cumbia, dub, house, kuduro, electro and techno. Sometimes it is crazy and bizarre, borderline schizophrenic, yet they still retain the intelligence and craft of a beautifully produced electronic song.