Crop Circles


Argentina's Frikstailers return to planet Earth with their new six-track EP that pairs cosmic synths with funky, frenetic cumbia beats fused with electronic mayhem designed to move terrestrial butts worldwide.

If anything characterizes these adventurous producers, it's the absence of easy formulas. This time around, the duo — now based in Mexico City — pushes the limits of electronic music by applying a heavy dose of extraterrestrial synthesizers to the lush organic Latin beats that have seen them rock parties from London’s Boiler Room to Mexico’s Vive Latino.

On "Intro Orbital," the Frikstailers make contact, inviting listeners to take a step back from reality and into an ethereal sonic landscape that will launch them straight into the sweaty dance floor madness of "Crop Circles." Once beamed up, it's on to the Amazonian acid dub landscapes of "Omeprazol." Later, the arpeggiated synths of "Kepler" lead listeners towards playful drums and vocals buried deep in a tropical outer-space jungle.

The next stop is "Venus," a planet-sized track bursting with syncopated drums and primal techno synths. The journey comes to an end at "Vakum," bursting out of the atmosphere and reaching a 105bpm peak, where disco violins, sinusoidal baselines, and otherworldly synths await, practically shouting, "what a great party!"