Bicho de Luz


Frikstailers, the kings of tropical futurism, bring you Bicho de Luz, their intimate, dance-flavored EP that mixes dancehall, cumbia and beautiful little melodies to transport you to their far away galaxy.

Their first release with ZZK Records, Bicho de Luz gives us a little taste of what was to come.


Bicho de Luz is that rare electronic release that will resonate with you on the dancefloor, at your desk while at work, and on your headphones, it sounds like Four Tet stepped into a jungle cantina with a wicked percussionist and found a casio laced with peyote. -Global Noize Blog (USA)

(On Bicho de Luz) Frikstailers employ touches of the traditional music particular to this sound, but in scattershot fashion, pilfering a rhythmic structure here and a flute sound there. -Resident Advisor (UK)

Design: Sol del Rio

Picture: Pedro Quintans