Following MITÚ’s release of the most recent SiempreEP (2015) and their two previous LPs, the hit record Balnear (2014) and debut Potro (2012), the Colombian jungle techno duoare gearing up for the release of their new album, Cosmus. In a break with the group’s tendency to record albums in relatively short time frames, the album was recorded over a longer period, giving greater importance to the sound recording of ideas at the time of their conception and less importance to post-production.

This time around, MITÚ took the time to let the record mature in the studio and get the ideas to come together, making an albumin which the sound is far removed from that of their previous records, almost totally electronic and minimizing the acoustic parts, conceived with the intention of being performed live in its entirety.

As well as Julián Salazar (synthesizers) and Franklin Tejedor (electronic percussion), the only outside participation onCosmus comes from singer Teresa Reyes, who provides vocals on the tracks Melgar and Fiebre. Reyes previously worked with MITÚ onBalnear, the duo’s acclaimed second long play and hit single Solitario.

Cosmus can be summed upas MITÚ’s purest album sofar. Julián Salazar and Franklin Tejedor have come up with an aesthetically original sound, the product of years of work in the studio and on stage, presenting a selection of songs that trace with clearer, bolder lines the sound evolution of one of the most intense bands on the Latin American electronica scene.

Cosmus frames the duo’s vision perfectly, creating a clearer, deeper soundscape, allowing listenerstoenter their musical universe from which the cosmology of their sound is defined.

Prior to the album’s release, MITÚ will have spent three years touring all over Europe, the United States and Latin America, with highlights including major festivals like Fusion Festival in Germany, Primavera Fauna in Chile, Estéreo Picnic and Rock Al Parque in Colombia, Nrmal in Mexico and Virada Cultural inBrazil, among many others.

In late 2016, MITÚ took the prize for Best Electronica Act at the Shock Music Awards in Colombia, and performed live for the prestigious electronica platform Boiler Room.

In the past couple of months, MITÚ has launched three singles that have been warming up album release, and have given the audience a glimpse of the album’s whole sound. Fans have had a sneak peak into the new album via the first three singles Fiebre, Melgar and Coctel. Alongside the album release, MITÚ is also announcing their Europe & Americas Cosmus Tour, which includes shows at important festivals such as Amsterdam Dance Event in the Netherlands, Bime in Spain and Nrmal in Mexico, where the duois doing 7 shows in September, in addition to a surprise show just announced closing the first day of Colombia Al Parque Festival, where MITÚ will perform their new album live for the first time.

Cosmusis being release on August 25,2017by cutting edge Latin American electronica record label ZZKRecords, home to artists like Nicola Cruz and Chancha Vía Circuito, and will be distributed in the United States, Latin America, France, Spain, Germany, the UK, and elsewhere. The album will also be edited for release in the five Scandinavian countries by the Ajabu! record label, as part of a joint project with the Swedish Arts Council.