ZZK’s singular mission is to connect the rest of the world with the beauty, culture and tradition of Latin America. For the last 15 years we’ve been able to tell some pretty amazing stories and help some pretty amazing artists find audiences - via records, documentaries, shows, tours and more.

We work with a team of musicians, creatives, designers, writers, photographers, filmmakers, journalists and visual artists to amplify voices and communities from around Latin America that champion and exemplify the cultures they represent.

The important work our team does is only possible with your financial help. Your donation to ZZK will support the continued creation, execution, promotion and preservation of some of the world's most exciting and relevant arts and culture.

Cumbia, Reina de Cumbia - ZZK Culture c/o Sabotaje Media

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With over 10 albums currently in production, your support will go directly to help finance the creation, promotion, distribution and storytelling of these albums.

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With the final push of Luzmila and The Birds documentary about the life and story of Luzmila Carpio, your support will help finance the final details of this historic documentary.

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ZZK Culture sits at the intersection of entertainment and education. With 5 projects under way - LatAmTronica, Cumbia, Reina de Cumbia, La Cumbia del Leon, Bogota Tropicanibal, and The Luzmila Carpio Experience your support will go directly to finance the development and execution of these exciting multidisciplinary projects.

If you’re looking for a tax deductible donation, we’ve partnered with Los Angeles based non-profit Dublab to act as our fiscal sponsor. Get in touch with us here.

Luzmila and the Birds - ZZK Films
Son Rompe Pera - ZZK Records


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