Último Aliento

Mateo Kingman ft. Gustavo Santaolalla

Mateo Kingman "I met Gustavo in Mexico, he said some very nice things about my first album. After that brief encounter, I feel like we were connected by this energy. So when I finished writing this song I sent it to him and we ended up singing and playing it together. It’s like a dream for me that Gustavo, who’s been the soundtrack to most of my life, is now a brother and a crew member on this ship.

I wrote this song in a ravine, while my grandfather was dying. In the integral journey of the record, “Último Aliento” is the moment of most light and at the same time it’s the most profound part of the journey. When you’ve faced up to your unfathomable fears, you’re ready to know the light/death. Here, in full gravitation, you enter and you are One. It’s about breaking up, transforming, becoming eternal, turning to dust and moth.”

Ana Cristina Barragán (Video director) “Two weeks to write and shoot. Argentina. Mateo. Santaolalla. A team of friends working and a lot of limitations. A shoot where we followed out instinct, the search. Forms prevail over colors, a black and white universe, with a static time bringing together two ages, two times, with different bodies, that teach each other, accompany each other, that die and are reborn. A universe where the light emerges in the urban, the ethereal within the everyday. Filming with limitations leads you to find the simplest things, but it’s still powerful. In the end, the moth, the laughter, the water, the fuck, and these two men who meet in a soul that transcends the soul. I love to work with an artist whose so sensitive and I wish I could do it again and again.”

Out now on our imprint AYA Records

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