Todo es Conectividad

Out Now!

The sorceress has returned. Dat Garcia presents “Todo es Conectividad”, the first single from her third album Las Fuerzas Almadas, to be released by ZZK Records in April 2022.

With a contagious and minimalist beat, the song gently immerses the listener in a dark and luminous terrain to the rhythm of synthesizers, deep voices softening the journey. The hypnotic melody opens our eyes and transports us to the charm and creative power of the collective, calling out to the ancestral beginnings of connection.

Poetry of the body and magical realism; humanity is blinded, a passive observer of a dystopian future. A call to reconnect with community, with nature and with the human creative potential that lets us reinvent ourselves.

Dat says "Todo es Conectividad" (“Everything is connectivity”) is a subliminal spell to awaken minds from the dance, letting frustrations fly and reviving the metaphor of the other. Garcia takes over the listener's senses, positioning herself as one of the most innovative musicians of the moment.

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