Siku Reworks

New Nicola Cruz Release

Nicola Cruz re-visits his second album Siku, released earlier this year to widespread acclaim, with Siku Reworks. The release provides the listener with another perspective on the ‘Siku’ domain, one envisioned in different corners of the world; Argentina, the UK, and Japan to name a few. In an effort to unlink the original material, Cruz has selected producers to re-work a designated song on 'Siku' according to their own style. Additionally, Cruz has chosen to re-record two tracks whose live versions have stuck with him throughout a year of constant touring.

Siku Reworks invokes a psychedelic view of the original material, Hermetics (R&S) provides deep atmospherics with his take on 'Obsidiana' and Nicola offers an acid-merengue-infused live version of 'Señor de las Piedras' alongside an infectious and club-ready re-work of live favourite 'Siete'. In some ways it's hard to define Nicola's sound, shaped by years of global touring, and every track here is unique and succeeds in breaking from the usual electronic music format in captivating fashion.

Siku Reworks out now!