Río Mira in North America

Signed to our imprint label AYA Records, Rio Mira is an ode to the intimate connection between the El Pacífico communities of Ecuador and Colombia. Driven by the cyclical, interlocking patterns of the marimba, the music combines regular interjections of call-and-response, with rhythm and melody intimately interconnected. They now have dates as early as June confirmed on both coasts of the US, as well as in Canada!

These are the shows that have been announced so far:

  • June 19 @ Valley View Farm - Haydenville, MA, USA
  • June 21 @ Jazz Winnipeg - Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA
  • June 23 @ The Cedar Cultural Center - Minneapolis, MN, USA
  • June 26 @ Old Town School of Folk Music - Chicago, IL, USA
  • July 1 @ Millennium Stage - Washington, D.C., USA
  • July 4-7 @ Sunfest - London, Ontario, CA
  • July 17 @ Jack London Revue - Portland, OR, USA

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