Montoya's 'Nubecita' feat. Pedrina - Out Now!

'Nubecita' is the first single from Montoya’s upcoming album El Nido.

This song represents for me that sensation of lightness, letting go, the flow of life. Pedrina says that for her it’s an invitation to fly over an imaginary landscape of love and tranquility in a colorful, feminine country. The lyrics evoke the power we have to transform other people’s energy. - Montoya

El Nido, Montoya's 3rd album is due out in July 2023. Starting from the name itself (“The Nest”), an evocation of home, El Nido is also a Filipino municipality on the island of Palawan, a place that turned out to be Montoya’s last live experience before the pandemic. That place with crystal clear seas and white sand became the scene and starting point for this work, reflecting on the abstraction of a chaotic world and proposing blurred destinations with each song, like places that exist within memories when we close our eyes, letting us inhabit them, for a couple of minutes at least. On the other hand, it’s a record that approaches love; as a yearning and a refuge, as a guide and an anchor, but also as a rhetorical figure that makes us vibrate and elevates us, while at the same time keeping us grounded and letting us settle in the place that we can use as our shelter.

El Nido will be released on July 7th, 2023

Montoya - Nubecita feat. Pedrina (Official Music Video)