Mito y Comadre - Guajirando - Out Now!

ZZK Records Presents Mito y Comadre's Guajirando

Guajirando is the first single from Mito y Comadre’s debut album Guajirando. It’s a song to get you dancing as it delves into Venezuela’s cultural riches. With its evocative lyrics and contagious beat, this song carries us to real and fantasy places, honoring indigenous culture and its history of resistance.

Guajirando came as an answer to the question “Where are you from?” so frequently asked to travelers, migrants and displaced people. The song mentions places evoking the artists’ childhood, such as Guajira, Choroní, Paparo, Sinaruco and Sinamaica. It also alludes to fantastic places like Totumito, El Cocuyo, Guarapito and Turicamo, which exist only in the imagination and cannot be found on maps. The song also highlights the Wayuu indigenous culture and is a tribute to the legendary warrior Amilvacar of the Venezuelan Amazon, renowned for her power and resistance.

Traditional musical elements have been incorporated, such as samples of Massi Wayuu flutes from Guajira, and the quitiplás, a bamboo percussion instrument played in Barlovento villages.

The video was made in collaboration with Colombian producer Silvia Lorenzini, using archive footage of traditional Venezuelan dances from different parts of the country, combined with videos shot during the pandemic.

Loaned by the Fundación Oswaldo Lares, the archive footage consists of recordings of popular dances that the artist’s father filmed in the 1970s. After many years without being able to view the content of the tapes due to the lack of a suitable playback device, in 2013 the material was digitized, revealing the treasures they contained. The collaboration with Silvia Lorenzini, who had previously worked with the Lares archive, was the perfect opportunity to create the Guajirando video together.

“Guajirando” is much more than a song for dancing. It is a tribute to Venezuela’s cultural diversity and riches. We immerse ourselves in its vibrant rhythm and are carried away by the images that capture the essence of the traditional dances.

Guajirando full album will be out on vinyl and all digital platforms on November 17, 2023.