Mateo Kingman's Second Single Out Now!

Our imprint label AYA Records just released 'Tejidos', the second single off Mateo Kingman's upcoming sophomore album.

Mateo Kingman: “Tejidos corresponds to the most cosmic part of the album. It is a dialogue between the traveller and the snakes/vehicles of the universe; the moment before the disintegration of the being; the first contact with the stars and the void.

I like the idea of transmitting a deep message transported by a light and versatile vehicle. In Tejidoss, we explore with a dancing musical cadence. It's an experiment to connect with your body through dance and at the same time reflect on your inner world.“

About the Video: The video was made by Adriana Crespo. It is a portrait of the spatial moment of the disc, when the traveller finds himself in a desolate and grey world, where he finds a link with the "red serpent of faith" and undertakes a levitating journey into the light. The traveller passes from his human condition to snake and from snake to the disintegration of the being. So as to be able to know the "pulse of life".

The song was produced by Mateo Kingman and Ivis Flies in Quito Ecuador and its the 2nd single of the new álbum “ASTRO”

Adriana Crespo (Words from the music video's director): "For me it's important to understand the artist's intention, what he wants to communicate with his song and make sure the videoclip enhances that intention. In the execution of Tejidos, Mateo and I were able to connect with the way we wanted to tell the story and thus achieve the impact that this song deserves.