Ser Tiempo

A Short Film On Uji

Ser-Tiempo (Being-time) is an in-depth portrait of Uji; an artist in search of altered states of being, a musician who has delved both into the ritualism of indigenous cultures and the intricacies of electronic music. This “artist manifesto” directed by Carlos Rivero, brings the viewer into Uji’s world; his research and travels throughout Latin America, his exploration into the roots of culture, and his fascination with sound. In the film he shows us that by celebrating tradition and diversity through music, we are able to both recognize where we come from and influence where we are going.

The film compiles footage from Uji’s years of research, documenting and studying with indigenous communities all throughout Latin America as a part of his in-depth audiovisual research (2009-2013). It also draws in material from acclaimed French cinematographer and long-time Uji collaborator Vincent Moon, and specifically from their joint art-film “Esperando El Tsunami (2011)” which documents their travels through Colombia. To complete the picture, Rivero also includes present-day touring footage as well as up-close visual portraits.

Inspired by the Japanese Buddhist concept which gives Uji his name, often translated as being-time, the film portrays Uji’s perspective of using music as a portal to modify time. By being-time, we embrace that we in fact are time itself, by bringing together past, present and future into one “presence”, we rewrite our reality and define our future.