Luzmila Carpio - 'Inti Watana - El Retorno del Sol' - Out Now!

An ode to Father Sun, “Inti Watana - El Retorno del Sol” is the first single and the album’s centerpiece, in which Carpio pays tribute to the divine figure—and the energy he infuses into every element and living being. Powered by gently plucked strings and softly galloping drums, the lilting song is dedicated to our ancient ancestors and their eternal wisdom, but it’s ultimately about interconnection, highlighting the fact that everything in the universe, from the largest celestial bodies to the tiniest living creatures, is joined together by the golden rays of the sun.

Inti Watana: El Retorno del Sol—which will be accompanied by a full length documentary—might not sound like previous Luzmila Carpio releases, but on a spiritual, political and lyrical level, her core values remain unchanged. A native of Bolivia’s Potosí region, she’s long been a beacon for indigenous communities in not just her home country, but throughout Latin America, her voice inspiring joy and pride amongst ancient peoples whose culture and inherent beauty are often overlooked. Her pursuit of music—a field traditionally dominated by men in Andean communities—long ago made her a pillar of women’s empowerment, but Carpio has also been a vocal proponent for social change, using her influence to advocate not just for the rights of women, but for the protection and increased visibility of all indigenous people. Yet it’s the planet itself that Carpio is most passionate about, and she’s devoted much of her new album to conversations with Mother Earth and Father Sun, whom she refers to as Pachamama and Tata Inti. In a time of acute environmental turmoil, it’s more important than ever to find harmony with our surroundings, and Carpio has purposely planned for the unveiling of her new LP to coincide with the June 21 solstice, while the record’s release date falls on September 21—the date of the September equinox.