Luiza Lian - Desabriga - Out Now!

ZZK Records Presents Luiza Lian’s Desabriga

Desabriga (Don’t leave me alone) is the second single from Luiza Lian’s upcoming album 7 Estrelas | quem arrancou o céu? (7 Stars | who ripped the sky down?)

Desabriga brings forth a sound that incorporates and transforms Brazilian musical, cultural, and identity traditions to deliver a radically contemporary, urban, and experimental work to the audience. With elements reminiscent of afoxé, a traditional Afro-Brazilian rhythmic ritual from Bahia, blended with a vibe resembling chillhouse, the music transcends love and approaches a prayer for protection within an electronic and pop context.

"7 Estrelas | quem arrancou o céu?" is Luiza Lian's fourth studio album and reflects the evolution of the research the artist has been conducting in collaboration with producer Charles Tixier. Together, they merge elements of Brazilian, indigenous, Afro-Brazilian, and Christian ecumenical spirituality (Umbanda, Ayahuasca, and Santo Daime) into an extremely contemporary electronic melting pot that aesthetically dialogues with artists ranging from Rosalía to FKA Twigs. In this process, Luiza Lian carries her roots and traditions while questioning and transforming them.

With the releases of "Eu Estou Aqui" (I Am Here) and "Desabriga" (Don’t leave me alone) as introductions to the new album, we catch a glimpse of the duality that will be present in it. "7 Estrelas" represents the spiritual world, while "quem arrancou o céu?" poses an existential question.

Luiza Lian is an artist who produces contemporary art and reflects on her place in uncertain times, where normalcy has been suspended, and humanity is unsure whether it will advance towards the stars or face the destruction resulting from its ambition.