Karen y Los Remedios - Silencio - Out Now!

“Silencio” is the second single from the album of the same name, released this September on ZZK. Written by Jiony and Ana Karen, the song begins with traditional percussion sounds and closes like a nostalgic ballad. It opens with the words, “I choose to live unhurried, not turning back.” It’s a song about letting go of attachments, the freshness of living and protecting your soul, despite social conventions. Karen y Los Remedios is the voice of Ana Karen, production and keyboards by Jiony and guitar arrangements by Guillermo Berbeyer (Z.A.M.P.A.)

It’s a song about contrasts, focused on a side of this album that brings out the sensuality and style of this genre, and at the same time the highly iconic idiosyncrasy that has built up around cumbia throughout Latin America. But there is still experimentation in this process, as the band looks to enrich the sound with the contemporary sounds of all this culture.

It’s these same contrasts that make this song: the keyboards blend with the percussion, making way for the pauses, the sudden absence of sound, so that the rhythm takes on more identity and prominence. Likewise, Karen’s voice and lyrics work here as a parallel, going off on a tangent and slowing down the notes, giving intermittent power to the beat. This is what makes the style of Karen y Los Remedios so unique. The ever sincere sensation is contagious, coming between two apparent opposites: sensuality and dance, the slowness and speed of the notes, making a whole that works harmonically, as we can hear in this song, without letting go of the fuse that keeps that feeling alight. It’s a journey into uncertainty, desire and dance always there to carry us from one end to the other.

Karen has lived in different places in recent years, which led her to realize that she needs to have Latin rhythms close by. And so she started the Karen y Los Remedios project. There is a nostalgia for the streets and places of Mexico, and “Silencio” is part of that longing. The video was shot on one of the islands of Hong Kong, where she currently lives, capturing spontaneous, unique moments to portray the essence of the song. The video was made by Guillermo Berbeyer and Ana Karen, with the assistance of Manlok Lam.

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Karen y Los Remedios - SIlencio - Music Video