Jackie Mendoza's 'Pedacitos' - Out Now!

'Pedacitos' (Little Pieces), the first single from her upcoming album, Galaxia de Emociones, was written and produced by Jackie Mendoza and Rusty Santos (Animal Collective, Panda Bear). The song reflects on how depression and addiction have affected her friends and family, some of which have died by suicide, and how it is a mirror to her own struggles with mental health. 'Pedacitos' is a letter to the friends she has lost, revealing what she wishes she had told them. The song is sung in Spanish on top of melancholic layers of ukulele, flickering synths, and a pulsating beat.

The song, ‘Pedacitos’ was written and recorded in November, 2019 in Los Angeles, CA while Jackie was still living in Brooklyn, NY. The idea for the music video came about soon after with friend Jo Shaffer (The Ophelias). A date was set to shoot the video in March of 2020 and unknowingly the world would go into lockdown due to the pandemic. Mendoza and Shaffer reunited in the summer of 2022 to bring their vision to life. The story follows Jackie falling in and out of a dreamlike world, animated by Shaffer, where the lines of reality are constantly blurred. Inspired by the music video for Evanescence’s ‘Bring Me to Life’, ‘Pedacitos’ combines uncanny, static urban landscapes with twisting camerawork. The video showcases Shaffer’s 3D animation collaged with live action footage and DIY motion capture to evoke the feeling of dissociating from the mundane.

Galaxia de Emociones will be released on vinyl, cassette, and all digital platforms on March 3rd, 2023

Jackie Mendoza - Pedacitos (Official Music Video)