Jackie Mendoza's 'Mousetrap' - Out Now!

“Mousetrap'', the third single from Galaxia de Emociones was written and produced by Jackie Mendoza and mixed by Rusty Santos. The instrumentation was recorded in her then Brooklyn apartment at the beginning of the pandemic. The song starts with a trap style beat, fluttery hi-hats, a slappy snare, 808 bassline intertwined with guitar bass, and ukulele, everything accompanied by screeching and whaling synths turned down just beneath the surface to disguise themselves. There is a tension between the melodious inflection of the vocals with the steady beat. “I named the demo “Mousetrap” because I thought it was a fun play on words relating to the trap beats, but it painted an image in my head about how some relationships are like mazes and the breakup is a mousetrap.” The song is about rejection and the feeling of disorientation, solitude, and heartache that come with it. “It feels cliché to call it a breakup song now when it’s been so long since it happened but I was devastated at the time when I wrote it.” Mendoza left New York after a breakup and took a solo drive across the country back to San Diego. “I was driving through Utah in the middle of the night and the stars were so bright and vast. It made my breakup feel small and momentary, it was comforting.” It was the hard goodbye from a relationship and her life in Brooklyn that brought the song to life.

The music video for “Mousetrap”, directed by Artie Tamayo, was filmed in Mendoza’s neighborhood park in Golden Hill, San Diego and the Desert View Tower and a wind turbine farm in the desert. The video starts with a cartoon mouse animated by Karina Cervantes. The mouse is walking through a maze and looking for the cheese they smell in the air. The video then cuts to a live action scene with Mendoza and a mouse character played by Laura Gonzalez. The video follows the breakup and angst that comes with it. Taking inspiration from early 90s music videos like the rawest of breakup songs, Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know” and Slash in the desert scene in the “November Rain” by Guns and Roses, Mendoza lip syncs in the desert in a dramatic manner as drone cameras swoosh around her as she plays bass by the wind turbines. “I wanted this video to have layers and for it to feel raw and ambitious like the ones I would see on MTV in the 90s.”, says Mendoza. The video ends with the mouse escaping the maze, finding the cheese, and smoking a cigarette while gazing out into the Milky Way.

Galaxia de Emociones will be released on vinyl, cassette, and all digital platforms on March 3rd, 2023

Jackie Mendoza - Mousetrap (Official Music Video)