Jackie Mendoza's 'Let's Get Maui'd' - Out Now!

'Let’s Get Maui'd', the second single from Jackie Mendoza’s upcoming album Galaxia de Emociones was written and produced by Jackie Mendoza and Rusty Santos (Animal Collective, Panda Bear). It was recorded in the early stages of the pandemic when she flew from New York to Los Angeles to meet with Santos to finalize the mixing for the album. What was initially a mixing session turned into a jam session where the whimsical and tropical song was written and recorded into existence. Their songwriting process involves having Mendoza play on the ukulele while Santos makes a beat to go along with it, and ideas for instrumentation and embellishments are exchanged. “I thought about an episode of 90 Day Fiance, a show I was binge-watching in quarantine, where a couple got married in Maui and the woman exclaimed, “We got Maui’d!”. That line made me laugh and I thought it was really cheesy and that’s where the energy for the song came from.” Mendoza says. The song takes place 4 years into a pandemic, with an imaginary trip to Hawaii, and a marriage proposal. It is a dream-like scenario and an expression of love; a momentary vacation. The song features pitch-shifted vocals, ukulele plucks, water drops, and a kick drum using a sample of a dribbling basketball. It is a blend of acoustic instruments with electronic drum samples. “The drums are a deconstructed Afrobeat through this extremely bubblegum filter", says Santos.

The music video for 'Let’s Get Maui’d', directed by Artie Tamayo, is exemplary of Mendoza’s persona when playing live; the vibrant neon colors and aquatic imagery are recurring themes in Mendoza’s music, live performances, and visuals. The video follows the plot of the song in an imaginative way. Taking inspiration from the 90’s Nickelodeon show All That and the childhood staple, Sesame Street, 'Let’s Get Maui’d' is a reflection on youth while hoping for the promises of adulthood like marriage and finding a forever partner.

The music video features a meticulously handcrafted underwater set and puppets made by Mendoza, musician and engineer Laura Gonzalez, San Diego artist Tarrah Aroonsakool, and elementary school teacher Skye Jolie and her two daughters Hannah and Sienna.

Galaxia de Emociones will be released on vinyl, cassette, and all digital platforms on March 3rd, 2023

Jackie Mendoza - Let's Get Maui'd (Official Music Video)