Introducing Fidel Eljuri

ZZK's 1st Visual Artist Joins the Crew

ZZK Records is thrilled to announce the signing of Quito based Fidel Eljuri as the first visual artist on the roster. Over the last eight years, we have helped launch the careers of a number of relatively unknown artists from six Latin American countries, establishing the label as a vital part of the music industry in the region. The signing of their first audiovisual artist signifies ZZK's expanded scope, encompassing not only musical artist development but also visual artists and other creators pushing the boundaries of Latin American music and culture across various mediums.

Fidel Eljuri is an audiovisual artist living and working in Quito, Ecuador. He creates immersive experiences that explore the relationship between the cosmology of man and the natural environment over time.

In his Audio/Visual show Digital Ceremony, Fidel explores the fractality of Shipibo artwork and their relationship with the geometry of nature and ayahuasca ritual patterns alongside a singer of ceremonial songs (icaros). The work was created on site with the Shipobo community of Peru using field recordings, ceremonial songs, fabrics and images of nature under microscopes. The visuals are generated in real time alongside the icaro chants.

Although he experiments with multiple formats, Fidel primarily focuses on moving images, large-scale installations, and live audiovisual pieces. His award winning projects have been presented at various exhibitions and festivals throughout Latin America, including the Cuenca Biennale, Cromía, VFFF (all Ecuador), Premio Brasil (Brazil), Selvámonos (Perú), Estereo Picnic (Colombia).

Fidel is also a highly regarded music selector and creator of live visuals in collaboration with musical projects such as Nicola Cruz and Quixosis. In addition to his performance and art installations, Fidel has guest lectured and lead workshops at different universities and cultural centers, including Espacio Fundación Telefónica (Perú) and the Vértice biennale (Ecuador). As part of his training in graphic design of movement, he cofounded and serviced as director of Filoh Motion Studio (2011-2015).

Photo credit: Marko Bizarro