Indus' Canción del Muerto - Out Now!

ZZK Records Presenta Indus - ‘Canción del Muerto’

An homage to the death rituals of the Colombian Pacific.

“Canción del Muerto'' is the third single from Indus’s second album, an homage to the death rituals of the Pacific Caribbean. The song features an unlikely musical encounter in bringing together for the first time two major representatives of Afro-Caribbean music from widely differing generations and musical backgrounds: Francisco “Pacho” Torres, legendary marimba player and singer of the Colombian Pacific, and N. Hardem, one of the most important figures in modern Bogotá rap.

The song speaks about the death of a loved one, while paying tribute to the flora and fauna of the Pacific and also to musical dynasties such as the Balanta, Torres and Carabali families, who have passed down their knowledge from generation to generation, through traditional songs and marimbas that are world heritage today, projecting into the future in new Colombian music. The video was made by the audiovisual collective Eric 2.8.2 and portrays the closeness to death and redemption, coming close to the light like coming close to the end, to the thing that does not return. At the bottom of the ocean, sea creatures and surreal floral scenes dialog with the music and accompany the deceased on their way to the afterlife.