Indus ‘Cae el Sol’ - Out Now + Europe Tour

ZZK Records Presents Indus - ‘Cae el Sol’

Pop and Afro-Latino Psychedelia

‘Cae el sol’ (‘The Sun Goes Down’) is the second single lifted from Negra, the second album from the group Indus, out on June 21st, 2024 on ZZK Records. With its part-anecdote, part-fictional lyrics, the song tells the story of a night partying in the Colombian tropics, and was written by Indus frontman Oscar and Jose Reb after attending a Chancha Vía Circuito gig in Bogotá. Oscar and Jose’s collaborations go way back, including the iconic Barranquilla band Cielito Drive.

‘Cae el sol’ also features the guitar of Abelardo Carbonó, the late master of Afro-Latino psychedelic music, and percussion from Andrés Mercado, who performs a merengue vallenato rhythm. The song captures the Caribbean essence of Indus while throwing in snatches of pop, electronica and psychedelia.

The video was made by La Pomada Films, shot in Cartagena, featuring dancers from the Colegio del Cuerpo, one of the most important contemporary dance schools in Colombia. It is an ode to the tropics, friendship and celebration.



May 3 - Cafe Plum - Lautrec (FR)

May 4 - Sourire de Printemps - Alzen (FR)

May 8 - SO36 (Entre Trópicos) - Berlin (DE)

May 11 - Nuits sonores - Lyon (FR)

May 17 - PROGR Turnhalle- Berna (CH)

May 25 - Fest'Hoche - Nimes (FR)

June 1 - Serralves Em Festa - Porto (PT)

June 14 - Manana Manana - Laren (NL)

June 15 - Houtnacht - Haarlem (NL)

June 27 - TREMPO (ZZK Night) - Nantes (FR)

June 30 - Fusion Fest - Berlin (DE)