Indus - Alfa Indi feat. Nelda Piña - Out Now!

ZZK Records Presents Indus – “Alfa Indi”

A prayer from the Colombian Caribbean to the cosmos.

Alpha Indi is the brightest star on Indus, the southern constellation from which the band takes its name. It is also the first single from the group’s new album Negra, coming on June 21st on ZZK Records.

The song fuses the classic Indus acid astral synth sounds with the ancestral voice of the maestra Nelda Piña, a traditional Caribbean folklore singer who recorded many major records in the 1980s and 90s. The song focuses on a traditional rhythm of Colombian Caribbean drums called Chalupa, performed in the percussion hotbed of Gamero, a village in Bolívar province in northern Colombia with a huge musical tradition, which has also given the world folklore figures like Irene Martinez and 2018 Grammy winner Magin Diaz.

“Alfa Indi” immerses us in the depths of the Caribbean region, its beliefs, spirits and trances. It is a journey through sounds that transports us from the essence of folklore sound to the mystical beats of electronic music.

The music video was made by audiovisual producer CRACK and portrays the story of four astral beings who land on Earth, meet each other and are guided by the great spirit in a quest to understand life and human elements such as music and spirituality.


Indus - Alfa Indi