Humazapas' 'Sara Tipi' - Out Now!

‘Sara Tipi’ is the second single from the Humazapas album Sara Mama.

The ‘Sara Tipi’ (corn harvest) feast is here. This song is in the San Juanito musical genre.

The song ‘Sara Tipi’ is for the "Sara Mama" (mother corn) harvest ritual. The signs of the chakra (sown field) are embodied in this song, in the story about a person who turns into a corn worm.

The musical video for ‘Sara Tipi’ was directed by Luis Bonilla Simba, an audiovisual producer for ANTA Records and a member of Humazapas. This video tries to transmit an idea of everyday life in the community and humans’ relationship with nature and the world of the deities. The musical video shows the harvest of the sacred corn grain, “Sara Mama,” in a field located in the foothills of the snow-capped mountain “Mama Cotacachi.”

Humazapas’ album Sara Mama is out on June 9th, 2023

Humazapas - Sara Tipi (Official Music Video)