Humazapas' 'Chichu Burru' - Out Now!

‘Chichu Burru’ is the first single from Humazapas' upcoming album Sara Mama.

‘Chichu Burru’ is a musical composition in the Kapishka and Yumbo genre, dedicated to the Kichwa Cotacachi communities in the northern Andes of Ecuador.

In the Kichwa communities, the development of life depends on the world of humans, nature and deities, which is why when any activity is to be carried out within those territories, permission is requested from these worlds. ‘Chichu Burru’ is a ritual song to wake them up and talk to them. The lyrics of the song describe the transformation of the mountains and lagoons into birds of different colors, who dance and sing.

This theme was composed by Jesús Bonilla, the lyrics by mama Anita Farinango, and the music video for ‘Chichu Burru’ was directed by the Peruvian director Víctor Manuel Checa. This video shows the Kichwa marriage ritual "Ñawi Maillay" (facelift), where 4 children from the community escape to travel through the mountains of the Ecuadorian Andes until they reach the sacred lagoon of Kuykocha where they can play on the water with their little boats.

Humazapas - Chichu Burru (Official Music Video)