Ghetto Kumbé - Sola (Les Enfants Sauvages Remix) - Out Now!

We just released Ghetto Kumbe's 'Sola (Les Enfants Sauvages Remix)' , the 5th single from their upcoming album Ghetto Kumbé Clubbing Remixes !

Easily the most straightforward house number on the album, it comes courtesy of Parisian duo Manu Sauvage (a.k.a. Dubwizer) and Philippe Mineur, who go by the name of Les Enfants Sauvages and worship at the altar of French house legend Laurent Garnier. Traces of Ghetto Kumbé’s Latin rhythms still populate the track, but the song’s bubbling bassline wouldn’t be out of place on a terrace in Ibiza.

Ghetto Kumbé Clubbing Remixes is out on all digital platforms November 9th, 2022.

Ghetto Kumbé’s - Sola (Les Enfants Sauvages Remix)