'Vamo a Dale Duro' out now!

Ghetto Kumbé's first single

In the midst of political uprisings all over the world, Ghetto Kumbé release their first single ‘Vamo a Dale Duro’ as a sonic protest of the injustices caused by class divide.

Ghetto Kumbé bring political content to an Afro-futurist mixture of sounds that spread between Latin America, Africa, and Europe. The track’s hard-hitting yet light-hearted beat is highlighted by an ominous toll, signaling a call to the people to defend their rights and land. The gaita, a traditional instrument originally played by the indigenous people of Colombia’s Caribbean coast, provides a smooth, melodic background layer to lyrics of resistance and African-influenced drum breaks. Oliver Williams aka The Busy Twist (UK) adds his own touch as co-producer of this track and those to come on the upcoming album on ZZK Records.

The lyrics are explicit in meaning yet maintain a message that resonates strongly throughout the entire world. ‘Vamo a Dale Duro’ criticizes the unjust divide be-tween the poor and the rich, the rising prominence of dirty politicians, and the ethics of the capitalist system while encouraging people to stand up and fight for a dignified existence.

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