Ghetto Kumbé - Intro ( Ghetto Kumbé Remix) - Out Now!

We just released Ghetto Kumbe's 'Intro (Ghetto Kumbé Remix)' , the 6th single from their upcoming album Ghetto Kumbé Clubbing Remixes !

The lone rework provided by Ghetto Kumbé themselves, this version of ‘Intro’ was actually put together by Edgardo Garces aka Guajiro, the group’s singer and producer. Inspired by their live shows and taking cues from the soulful stylings of South African DJ/producer Black Coffee, the remix fortifies the original’s otherworldly warble with more drums and a slinky house groove

Ghetto Kumbé Clubbing Remixes is out on all digital platforms November 9th, 2022.

Ghetto Kumbé’s - Intro (Ghetto Kumbé Remix)