Ghetto Kumbé Clubbing Remixes - Out Now!

We just released Ghetto Kumbé’s Ghetto Kumbé Clubbing Remixes!

As the title implies, the new LP is meant for the club, which is why Ghetto Kumbé have turned to Latin music heavyweights like Trooko—a multiple Grammy winner whose resume includes work with Lin-Manuel Miranda and Residente—and Monte (a.k.a. Bomba Estéreo founder Simón Mejía), along with top-shelf DJs like Nickodemus and Uproot Andy, two NYC artists who’ve spent decades championing Afro-Latin rhythms. True to the LP’s global spirit, the record also includes reworks from batida maestro DJ Firmeza, fellow Afro-Portuguese outfit Studio Bros and Parisian house groovers Les Enfants Sauvages, plus genre-blurring remixes from sonically adventurous Colombians Montoya (himself another ZZK artist) and Cero39.

Ghetto Kumbé Clubbing Remixes is out on all digital platforms now. The double vinyl will be released in March of 2023, pre-order at link below!

Ghetto Kumbé - Lengua Ri Suto (Cero39 Remix)