The Buenos Aires Digital Folk Scene Isn't Just a Men's Club Anymore

Enter Dat Garcia

ZZK Records is excited to welcome the 2nd female artist, Dat Garcia, to the family. We know, it’s taken too long, and we accept full responsibility. But trust us, Dat is worth the wait.

When we first saw Dat Garcia live we were smitten. The deeper we dug into her world, the more we entranced we became with her music and her persona. Now, almost 2 years later, we’re extremely excited to help Dat’s music expand borders and showcase the exciting feminine digital folklore scene brewing in Buenos Aires and around Latin America. Yep, the digital folklore scene isn’t a men’s club anymore.

Dat García grew up in Monte Grande, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, and from a young age she was involved in Argentine folklore music. In 2013, she immersed herself in digital music, opening up a world of tools for expressing her inner sounds, with the help of Pedro Canale aka Chancha Via Circuito. There, Dat started to flirt with the idea that styles ranging from chacarera to trip hop, sounds of synths, charango and flutes, could all be mixed together. Her powerful music is composed with lyrics that invite the listener into her world and a groove in which the timeless Latino folklore gene persists.

Watch her new music video to her 1st single Camino Sobre Piedras below.

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