Villa Diamante

Since 2004 Villa Diamante has used the  mashup as a tool to experiment with music, genres and cultural icons, from a DJ format where multicultural and mainstream sounds mix, tech hip hop and electro reggaeton, digital cumbia, dancehall, dubstep or whatever inspires him.

As resident DJ and host of Zizek Club, he promotes the mixture of styles and supports artists, DJs and producers who reinterpret different sounds of modern music from a local angle, in order to create a "laboratory of dance" and catching international interest.  With ZZK Records, the label that came out from the Zizek parties, together with Grant C. Dull and DJ Nim, they've released albums with Fauna, Chancha Via Circuito, El Remolón and King Coya, two compilations and some vinyls.

Villa Diamante has participated in the festivals Sonar Sound BA 06, Creamfields BA 06 and 07, Pepsi Rock 07, Niu Fest Córdoba 07, toured around Argentina, from Tilcara all the way down to Usuahia, crossed over to Santiago de Chile, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. At the end of 2008 he went on his first international Zizek Tour in Europe with El Remolón and El G. They played 14 cities from Spain to Norway for almost 40 days.  Empacho Digital, his newest triple album of mashups reflects the problems of information overload and then participates in it with more than 40 tracks available for free.