Uji (Luis Maurette) is a nomadic electronic producer and multi-instrumentalist born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and raised throughout Latin America. Half of the pioneering duo “Lulacruza” since its inception in 2005, with whom he has released 5 albums, a feature film and multiple world tours. His music is dance floor bound: rooted in various indigenous traditions while borrowing from the aesthetics and sound design of electronic music. With his new solo project he has already toured extensively around Europe, the US and Latin America even before his debut album has yet to drop.

“Jenga” is the first track to be born out of Uji’s solo project. An enticing mixture of sounds from nature (water, frogs, animal panting) blend with a kind of secret vocabulary transcending specific languages merged with contemporary beats. The track seems to cast a spell that transports us to a pre-verbal state reminiscent of tribal cultures, ritual and a sense of being symbiotic with nature as luscious synth sounds draw us into the magnetism of darkness, balancing sophistication with simplicity. Infectious psychedelic rhythm patterns expand and grow in nuances as we surrender to the pristine joy of dance.