AYA Records

El Viejo Hombre de los Andes, EVHA (The Old Man of the Andes), is a band formed by four creators who put heart and soul in-to everything they do: combining ritual dance rhythms, faraway plateau choirs and sacred songs with bold contemporary beats.

Recovering the ancestral protests of traditional Ecuadorian music (“Uiuí”), urgent calls for nature's protection (“Todo su cuerpo brilla”), the repetitive striking of the hoe in the field and the endless green of the forest. But also combining textures of laughter, deep rivers and majestical lakes, Ecuador’s magic captured in sound.

We find refreshing and delicate electronic glitches transitioning into hip hop-influenced voices from mountain top ceremonies among fast looped marimba arpeggios, contrasting beats and touches of ambient. This ethno-electronic experiment is full of flavors from various regions; sanjuanito, pasillo and bomba sample flirtations with ethereal beats.