El G

Every musical genre needs it’s trojan horse. In the case of digital cumbia and digital folklore, ZZK Records has been at the epicenter of the movement. Chancha Via Circuito, Frikstailers, La Yegros, El Remolon, Mati Zundel, Tremor, Animal Chuki, Fauna, King Coya and most recently the Ecuadorian artist Nicola Cruz have launched their careers with the indie Buenos Aires label.

El G grew out of Buenos Aires. Grant C. Dull (pronounced Duel), first came to Argentina in 1999 and reinvented himself more than once, going from musicologist and online magazine editor, to visual artist for events and finally to curator and DJ. He founded the bilingual cultural website WhatsUpBuenosAires.com, and co-founded ZZK Records and Zizek Club with his Argentine partners. ZZK artists have played more than 200 cities on 5 continents, have penned deals with major labels and been featured on an episode of Breaking Bad and a recent Iphone commercial. Grant as a DJ has performed in more than 85 cities around the world including stops at Coachella, Roskilde and the Modern Arts Center in St. Petersburg, Russia.

In his ever expanding search for culture, music and adventure, Grant has founded 4 projects from his hub in Argentina, the most recent being ZZK Films. {{ youtube('M5Ye_p3rTsw') }}