ZZK Sound Vol. 3

Various Artists

Entering their fifth year, pioneering Argentinian electronic label ZZK Records present a new compilation ZZK Sound Vol 3. Released on 1st July 2013 and featuring exclusive tracks from their artists Frikstailers, Chancha Via Circuito, Mati Zundel & El Remolon, ZZK Sound Vol 3 shows the continued evolution of a label born in the underground clubs of Buenos Aires. Compiled by one of the label founders DJ Nim, there’s a darker, last hour of the club feel to it, everybody sweaty and grooving to deep bassy cumbia infested tracks.

While the Soundcloud generation has spawned countless producers mixing Latin & electronic, one only needs to listen to tracks like Omeprazol by Frikstailers or Paseo Epico by El Remolon to realize that ZZK continues to be the torch bearers of this movement that has now gone beyond the borders of Argentina.

Lima, Peru has been a hotbed of activity of late and young producers Animal Chuki, who recently remixed ZZK’s La Yegros, provide a track for this new compilation. Dubberman and Jairomendez, two producers from Caracas, Venezuela also come to the party with two moody dancefloor tracks.

DJ Nim, a legend in the BA underground scene for always having his ear to what’s new, compiled ZZK Sound 3. Along with American expat Grant C. Dull and Argentine, Diego Bulacio, they started the label together in 2008 after putting on weekly club nights in Buenos Aires. Since then ZZK has gone onto release numerous albums, EPs and compilations including their scene defining ‘Future Sounds of Buenos Aires’ compilation. Not just confined to the studio their artists’ relentless touring schedule has seen them play over 200 shows in 100 different cities as well as shows at some of the more prestigious international festivals.