ZZK Sound Vol. 2

Various Artists

Just one year after the launch of ZZK Records, we´re proud to present our second compilation, ZZK Sound Vol 2. This album takes us into unchartered musical territory, pushing sonic limits globally, exploring new soundscapes along with our audience.

ZZK's new vision of traditional Latin American music had its way with cumbia, but the sounds have evolved. Cumbia becomes a jump-off point, an excuse to advance through musical ideas, where genres cross over and classification becomes a futile exercise. Without simplifying art by category, the moment has come to let it all flow. Music is music and this is how we enjoy it.

A multinational album, ZZK Sound Vol. 2 has got one foot planted in Argentina and the other dancing around the world.

Thanks to all who spend sweaty nights at Zizek Club, those who believe in ZZK Records accepting each crazy idea we throw at you. A special thanks to the artists who have participated; who push this new music even farther.

Villa Diamante, Nim, El G & The ZZK Crew