Triassic EP


Douster is the epitome of the globalized beatmaker: From France he has resided for 2 years in Latin America, at 23 years old he draws influences from both locales.

Highly connected to the blogosphere he accesses new sounds daily, with hints of kuduro, kwaito, dancehall, cumbia and other global dance music dripping off of newer songs and with an obvious reverence for roots music as a base. Over the past year, Douster has been steadily growing into his own sound; playful, confident, fresh, with a swagger. The DJ you show up to hear, wherever the party is, whoever is sharing the bill, because you know you will dance through his set without pause.

Douster tracks hit hard. He might be young, but, as a producer and DJ, Douster has serious knowledge of game, especially music. In Douster tracks Timbaland beats are replaced by Argentine indigenous percussion. Chilean pan flutes pull together a dancehall hit. Wild samples, raw beats and infinite dance characterize this European DJ who knows no geographical limits, taking risks and carving out his own fluid borders.

On his ZZK Records Triassic EP he continues his cross cultural pollination and delivers a lesson in Tropical music. Douster goes back to prehistoric times, imagines the soundtrack of a life during the Triassic era. Raw rhythms, primitive melodies and cavemen chants that sound from a world when the land masses were connected, shedding borders and grooving primitively to his strain of electronic music.