Selva Remixes

El Remolon

On his 2014 album El Remolon took us on a journey through mystic Peruvian jungles and the Buenos Aires rat race, intent on connecting the listener with a cosmic cumbia visceral experience no matter the environment. On it we heard Rhodes pianos, shamanic ritual chants and a whole lot of bass. The record, heavy in collaborations, featured Buenos Aires hip hop/dancehall/cumbia starlet Miss Bolivia, Ali Gua Gua from the Kumbia Queers and the masked Dengue Dengue Dengue from Peru, to name a few. This time around El Remolon calls on producers from all corners of the globe to give their signature touches to Selva.

Remixers from Australia, Belgium, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Spain and Germany lend their wares for a truly “global bass” affair. The Ecuadorian Nicola Cruz, ZZK’s newest signee, ever so intricately strips down Lido Pimienta’s Vestido, whereas cumbia meets trap on Flashback from one of the rising producers of the Buenos Aires digital cumbia scene, Esmink. Chancha Via Circuito lends his signature hypnotic drum patterns on Energia Natural and Barrio Lindo closes out the album with an introspective dream quest with Mariela Gerez’s Quechua lyrics floating in space on Poyeyu.