Chancha Via Circuito

Third chapter of the 'laboratory of dance'. Begged for by dancers and beat hunters, this first piece by Chancha Vía Circuito (Pedro Canale's railroad alter-ego) is a collection of cumbia songs ranging in nature from introspective (at the edge of a shaman-style trip) to festive, as in a crazy journey on a runaway train. Striking quite a precise balance, certain rhythms seem to have traveled all the way from the country's plateaus to Greater Buenos Aires to dive into the hectic pace of city life, the contemplation of laziness, and the squeaking of joints underneath warm muscles. Pedro's creation taps into his afro-dance background and his exploration of IDM.

A lover of all things dance, his album includes remixes (Con la Misma Moneda, Zorzal, Día Libre) and contributions by people coming from all different walks of life (Jahdan Blackmoore, Princesa, Rancho MC, Poeta Inka, and Kumbha Kethu), with melodies that bring dance and trance together and create scenarios as festive as they are respectful.