Poirier - Las Americas V.1

Various Artists

Produced by Poirier, a DJ/producer from Montreal, “Las Americas” features a reggaeton-inspired track with vocals by Boogat. The album, which also includes remixes from Uproot Andy, El Remolon, Lagartijeando, and Douster.

ZZK & Poirier

The collaboration between ZZK and Poirier began as other ZZK artists were en route to Coachella during last year’s North American tour. At coffee one day, Poirier described his new track, called Kalima Shop Titi, about the priest from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom to El G, ZZK’s manager and resident DJ. Las Americas V.1 was born.

Now, South America’s most futuristic record label is expanding its sound, vision, and synchronicity with like-minded producers from around the world, 2010 version. You’ve heard people talking about World Music 2.0, Nu Whirled Music, Global Gettotech and other terms describing where urban bass music is headed. Las Americas V.1 is your chance to experience it in all its cross-cultural glory.