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Super Guachin

Super Guachin is an audiovisual duo made up of brothers Ignacio and Luciano Brasolin, ages 23 and 24 respectively.

Experimenting with different technological resources and video game musical structures that have influenced them through the years, they create music that is uniquely modern, experimental, and innovative. There’s a surreal, sci-fi quality to their mixing of vintage computers, and an arsenal of electronic toys built and modified by the duo themselves including tricked out Comodore 64s, Gameboys, and Ataris.

Growing up in the quiet city of Mendoza, Argentina, the Brasolin’s spent much of their time using video game consoles and personal computers to develop the sound that would be the basis for what was to come. By implementing their deep passion and understanding of technology they were able to redefine musical influences such as dub, dubstep, chiptune and techno with their love for electronics. This artistic journey helped them transcend all geographic and stylistic limitations and created the musical explosion into something some like to call chipcumbia.

Much like the tech world, their evolution is constant. As they modify rhythms to construct a distinctive sound that provokes dance, and moves between the tribal and the hypnotic, they unlock an introspective journey, surrounded by texture, light and multidimensional vocals.