Pibe Cosmo

El Remolon

El Remolón presents Pibe Cosmo, 12 rhythmic tracks of his signature digital cumbia and electro reggaeton. The record makes its way from party bangers to cumbia pushed through a minimal techno sieve, all the way to pretty pop melodies that stick in your head. With guests Pablo Lescano, Ale Sergi, Fauna, Blitto and Vanesa Strauch.

The record takes flight, the mutant sparrow-man dancing to a swarm of keyboard birds, and along its journey it soaks up the sticky rhythms of South America. It stumbles on a chorus of Guarani children from the jungles of Misiones (La Bonita) and joins the parade of a marching band “murguetón” [marching band beat] (or "mugretón", [dirty beat] as defined by the artist in Escape, with gritty vocals by Blitto). It puts itself in a robotic, intelligent trance to dance to noisy tribal chant (Zapatillas galácticas) and it comes through a secret entrance to hit you over the head in a neighborhood of tin-roofed shacks ("Se fue a la villa," with vocals by Ale Sergi). The journey isn´t lacking in good times either. Samples of hits by local cumbia badboys Damas Gratis and Altos Cumbieros and the keyboard candences of Pablo Lescano (in the latest remix of Cumbia Bichera) keep you in a drunken, dancing stupor. The energy of songs that send you straight to jungle juice in a cup or to music-invoked ecstasy on the dancefloor.