Para Armar


1) Fussible (Nortec Collective) - The Clap (Tremor Mix)

Tremor’s history with Nortec Collective dates back to 2004 when Leo Martinelli sent Fussible his first album, a bedroom produced solo album, Landing. Collaborations were born out of this, including Fussible’s asking Leo to remix The Clap, in an email received while on tour with ZZK in 2008, where they debuted at SXSW.

This is what Tremor would sound like if they were from Tijuana.

2) Intima - Fatbot es Lim (Tremor Mix)

Intima is a drum and bass trio from Buenos Aires. Tremor takes the original track in a completely new direction where chacarera mixes with cumbia in a unique hybrid. This track also kicks off ZZK TV Episode 1, NYC, and was released on ZZK’s 2nd compilation, ZZK Sound Vol. 2.

3) Radiokijada - Manoteo en Menor (Tremor Mix)

One-third of Gotan Project, Christophe Müller, heads Radiokijada, a project that pits Peruvian folklore against an electronic backdrop. Australian outfit Cumbia Cosmonauts linked Tremor and Radiokijada through the internet and this remix was born. Part zamba, part chacarera, the magic is born in the polyrhythmic clash (4x4 vs 3x4) where drums collide in Tremor’s soundscape.

4) Aldo Benitez - Giro de Volante (Tremor Remix)

Aldo Benitez is known for his experimental, indie-electronic folk and is a favorite in Buenos Aires. Aldo approached Tremor for a remix for his El Portfolio sin Peso album. Chops and splices of Aldo’s voice inspired by Mellotronic layers turned this piece on its head and Aldo chose it to kick off his remix album El Portfolio sin un Peso.

5) El Remolón - Cumbia Bichera (Tremor Mix)

Pre-ZZK Records, El Remolon was already making digital cumbia bangers. The now classic Cumbia Bichera was released by Pueblo Nuevo, a Chilean netlabel with a handful of remixes - including this one by Tremor. Eventually the remix was also picked up by a compilation in Spain called Futurisimo Latino which also featured tracks by Calle 13, IMS, Quantic, Choquib Town, Bomba Estereo. This was the first time Tremor’s Leo Martinelli approached a cumbia track. It was the first time he recorded with a Ronroco as well.

6) Semilla vs. Elpidio Herrera vs. Tremor - Chacarera del engaño

A triple mashup featuring 3 songs, 1. Elpidio is the inventor of the Sachaguitarra and Tremor’s Leo Martinelli is one of the few people on the planet to own one. This track was made especially for Tremor’s ZZK mixtape debut. 2. The guitar riff is from Cornea, off the album Viajante. 3. Barbara Palacios sings a song of heartache, backed by her band Semilla. Semilla is a folklore rock band that also features Camilo Carabajal, the drummer in Tremor. Semilla is produced by 2 time Oscar winner Gustavo Santaolalla.

7) Tremolo Audio - Nylon 2 (Trifásico Mix)

This is the first ever remix Tremor did way back in 2004. Tremolo audio is a Clorofila (Nortec Collective) side project. This would be the first of many collaborations between Nortec Collective and Tremor. This track could be described as chacarera dub.

8) Tremor & Coiffeur - Fumar

Coiffeur is one of the darlings of the Buenos Aires indie rock scene. More than a remix this is a collaboration between Coiffeur and Tremor of a cover song by a band from the west side of Buenos Aires, Nuca.

9) Tremor - Espina

This new track is thoroughly lost in time, stalled somewhere between Viajante & their newest material. When the ZZK crew picked Diplo up from the airport in 2007, the first thing the curious DJ asked about was “so what’s up with this Folkstep thing.” Folkstep was actually a concept derived directly by ZZK head Villa Diamante, BA dubstep and producer Daleduro and Tremor’s Leo Martinelli. Early experimentation was caught on tape at a packed Zizek Club night.

Dubstep with a Bombo Legüero? Si and yes. The melody is inspired by the folklorico song “Copla.” Tremor also recorded a Sacha guitarra and a flauta de armonicos (traditional Andean flute) here. Next-level South America on record, as envisioned by Tremor.

10) Latinsizer - Libélula (Tremor Mix)

Latisizer is a side project of Fussible from Nortec Collective. It’s one of the many remixes Tremor plays live on stage. We made a little video featuring the song from Tremor’s last European tour and we’ll end our little Tremor tutorial with a glimpse of what catching these guys live looks and sounds like.