Neobailongo EP

Mati Zundel aka Lagartijeando

Lagartijeando is from the town of Dolores, 200 km from the Argentine capital in the province of Buenos Aires. His sounds are a blend between rural and urban, melding the folkloric roots of the campo with the digital electricity of the ciudad. Lagartijeando is the alter ego of Matias Zundel, who through trips around Latin America has enriched and expanded the search for his sound. Bolivian lands have given him newfound inspiration, a lengthy excursion through the Mexican countryside woke him up to ancestral ideas. Meanwhile, he finds continued guidance for his sonic masterpieces in his hometown of Dolores, where fields and gauchos, Payadas, Malambos, Triunfos, Huellas and other folk rhythms merge with the clatter of modern day Argentine life.

Lagartijeando is the act of being a lizard; slithering tongue, leathery skin, and dragon-like form in a compact package. Tracks from Neobailango feel like a conversation between contrasting characters, like extraterrestrial ethnicities converging at the club. There is accordion laced with sonic bleeps and pops, dub beats with organ melody. There are break downs where the starry desert sky battles the urban skyline.

Shaman chant and charango guitar loops are the backbone of Lagartijeando's signature style. Native voices are the backbeat to percussion and bass tracks with organ melodies combining cumbia and psychedelic noise. Songs give deference to ritual and maintain respect for tradition while pushing the old into a cosmic space future.