History of Colour

El Buho & Barrio Lindo

The internet. It brings people together. And sometimes, just sometimes, magic happens.

El Buho aka Robin Perkins, an Englishman living in Amsterdam, and Barrio Lindo real name Agustin Rivaldo, an Argentine living in the southern suburbs of Buenos Aires, have never met in real life. But through the power of the internet, they’ve teamed up to create, collaborate and file swap, birthing a 6 track EP, History of Colour. ZZK Records is proud to be at the intersection of these two emerging and exciting new artists and release their music to the world.

Agustin and Robin haven’t always been that far apart, however. As a matter of fact, they just missed each other. Barrio Lindo, who builds South American instruments by hand and has studied composition and beat making under Chancha Via Circuito was once mere meters from El Buho on the dance floors of Buenos Aires. El Buho, who’s radio show Rhythm and Roots on Groovalizacion radio is a fantastic introduction to sounds from all over the world and throws the Subtropikal nights in Amsterdam, lived a year in Buenos Aires, where unbeknownst to both, were both in the crowd of the famed ZZK parties, finding inspiration for what was to come.

This EP is a celebration of the meeting point between Latin America and Europe both in the project and the music itself - marrying strands of folklore (charango, shakers, ocarina, dizi flute) found sounds (rain drops, barking dogs, birds chirping) and electronica (synths, laptops). History of Colour crosses musical and geographical borders, an exchange of ideas between past and present, between different cultures and the happenstance intersection between two musical minds.

“We were both making music in a similar direction, experimenting with Latin American folk traditions, reinterpreting and crossing them with new sounds and new directions. It just seemed natural to try and make some tunes together, to see what happened. It is very rare that you find another musician that compliments your own sound, even more so half way across the world, sharing different backgrounds, different inspirations and different surroundings. Each time the tracks would come back full of unexpected directions, pleasant surprises and touches that just worked. It was a perfect match.” - Robin / Agustin