Selva B-Sides / El Album Rojo

El Remolon

Following the release of his 5th studio album 'Selva' — a project heralded by the music community for its cross pollination of Latin American influences and sounds — El Remolon is back with a smattering of B-Sides for his fans.

The release is split up into 2 parts, the 1st being "El Album Rojo,” or “The Red Album,” featuring songs that explode with visceral and earthy energy, sounds of wild animals and grooves ready for dancefloors and DJs. The 2nd part, which will be released in the coming months, will feature recordings of shamanic ceremonies and sounds of the jungle with a more experimental tinge, another facet of his music that El Remolon never leaves behind.

From the Moombah-Cumbia-EDM track inspired by pop singer Russian Red, to Gilda (Argentine 90’s Cumbia Star) dub stepped out, to Mali, a song influenced by German Schaffel techno and featuring the band Tartit shuffling in Tresillo rhythm. This project really features a little bit of everything: there are even actual B-Sides that got left off the ‘Selva’ album such as the track involving ElMayonesa and the romantic song “Olvidarte."