Capicua EP

Animal Chuki

ZZK is putting Peru’s underground on blast with the release of Animal Chuki’s debut release, ‘Capicua EP’.

After years of releasing music from Argentina, all the while tediously scouting the rest of the continent (and world) for those experimenting the most daringly with Latintronica, ZZK Records is proud to introduce Peru’s Animal Chuki.

It's no secret Latin America is producing some of the most original music these days. In a region steeped in tradition, technology and information are flowing freely and the new generation are transforming the music of their past at a frenzied pace, keeping the traditions alive and birthing new genres as fast as Itunes and Spotify can keep up.

Andrea Campos and Daniel Valle-Riestra, both 22, had no intention of making music together when they first met. But after a while, inspired by the new wave of producers all around the continent mixing roots and modernization, the two got together and birthed Animal Chuki.

Chuki is Peruvian slang for something out of the ordinary or playfully offensive, and in their music, Campos and Valle-Riestra aim to bring out the Animal and the Chuki with their listeners.

In 2013 Animal Chuki remixed Viene de Mi for La Yegros and were also featured on the ZZK Sound Vol. 3 compilation, this is their first official release.

Capicua EP is the first of many new releases coming from ZZK from an even newer generation of artists who represent what we’d like to think as Digital Cumbia 2.0, the 2nd wave of what has been sweeping across the continent and the world for the greater part of the last decade.